Dunedin Underwater Hockey Club

About Dunedin UWH

The Dunedin Club was founded in 1984. Since then it has been successful at all levels holding the South Island Club Champs trophy and National 'A' Grade trophy for many, many years. In addition many current and former National Representatives have been members of the Dunedin Club at some point in their careers.

The club is comprised a mixture of Dunedin locals who supply continuity and students who are members for the time of their studies in Dunedin who bring youth and extra energy with them.

Underwater Hockey New Zealand Inc.

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It's not a sport you are going to get rich or famous doing - but by golly it's a heap of fun!

Nick Meek

When I played in my first competition it was like Wow! Why haven't I done this before? It's like the craziest, funest sport I have ever played.

Duncan L



Goes with out saying, (I hope). Togs will be required, speedos for chaps, one-piece swimsuit for women. Don't try with shorts and/or t-shirt; the drag generated by baggy clothing is prohibitive.


Well fitting, low-volume. Make sure you have reasonable peripheral vision otherwise other players can creep up un-noticed. Make sure that there is a pillar between the two eye pieces. The glass must be safety glass.


The biggest bore snorkel you can get. Don't get one with fancy valves or other gizmos, just one that allows you to get air in at the maximum possible rate. You'll thank me for this later.


A water-polo style hat with ear protectors.


For the protection of delicate fingers from the bottom of the pool, the puck and other peoples' sticks.